The differernce from the 350P is that the 360P is a fully automatic defibrillator, in other words there is no need to press any buttons to deliver a shock if needed. The SAM 360P will analyze the rythm and determine wether a shock is need, and if it does it will automatically warn you the stay clear and delive the shock needed to reestablish a normal sinus ryhtm. It does however have a motion detection algorythm to detect if rescuer is touching patient to prevent the AED from delivering a shock.



Carrying Case

Heart Sine Adult Pad-Pak (Battery/Pad combination with 4 year expiration date)

Owners Manual

Quick instruction card

8 year warranty from Heart Sine

Free AED responder kit ( poket mask, medic shears, 2 pair of nitrile gloves, razor, wipe towel).

Free triangular wall decal

Free check tags

Free Shipping

Free Local EMS Registration

360P Automatic

SKU: 80514-000309
  • Return for full refund whithin 60 days from date of purchase. Product must be in original box unopened.

  • Free shipping within the continental U.S.

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