Intended for the Aviation Industry, the HeartSine 450P includes an extra feature that coaches the rescuer while performing CPR in that it measures impedence, that is the rate or spped in which to perform compressions. Many times rescuers fail to perform CPR at the recomended rate of 100-120 BPM. So this AED model will have verbal and visual feedback to push faster, push slower, or good compressions.



Carrying Case

Heart Sine Adult Pad-Pak (Battery/Pad combination with 4 year expiration date)

Owners Manual

Quick instruction card

8 year warranty from Heart Sine

Free AED responder kit ( poket mask, medic shears, 2 pair of nitrile gloves, razor, wipe towel).

Free triangular wall decal

Free check tags

Free Shipping

Free Local EMS Registration

450P AED Aviation

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