ASHI First Aid Classroom Group 

In-person training 6 Hrs.

On-Site at your location or at our Downtown Manhattan office.

ASHI 2 Year Certification.


Group Rate: 1 Qty = 10 Participants

How it works:

1. Purchase slots of 10 participants.

2. Provide your 1. business name, 2. location, 3. person of contact, 4. date and time you would like the training.

3. Your dedicated representative will contact you and/or your staff with additional information, 

confirmation, and answer any questions you may have.



  • E-book

  • Practice Manikin 

  • Practice AED

  • Practice disposable breathing barrier

  • Nitrile gloves, Triangular Bandage, Gauze Bandage, Roller Gauze.

  • Epinephrine Trainer


Download the app for additional American Safety and Health Institute benefits.

  • Digital certification always available when you need it.

  • Digital e-book to use as reference.

  • HSI Passport APP with all tools to keep you informed and up-to-date with your certification renewals.

  • Quarterly online refresher lessons.

  • Immediate access to step-by-step instructions to more than 25 emergency care topics you can use when responding to a medical emergency.

  • Renewal certification reminder.



After completing this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe how high-quality CPR improves survival

  • Explain the concepts of the Chain of Survival

  • Recognize when someone needs CPR

  • Perform high-quality CPR for an adult

  • Describe how to perform CPR with help from others

  • Give effective breaths by using mouth-to-mouth or a mask for all age groups

  • Demonstrate how to use an AED on an adult

  • Perform high-quality CPR for a child*

  • Demonstrate how to use an AED on a child*

  • Perform high-quality CPR for an infant*

  • Describe when and how to help a choking adult or child

  • Demonstrate how to help a choking infant*

  • Describe when and how to help a choking adult or child

  • Demonstrate how to help a choking infant*

  • List the priorities, roles, and responsibilities of first aid rescuers

  • ​Describe the key steps in first aid

  • Remove protective gloves

  • Find the problem

  • Describe the assessment and first aid actions for the following life-threatening conditions: heart attack, difficulty breathing, choking, severe bleeding, shock, and stroke.

  • Use an epinephrine pen

  • Control bleeding and bandaging

  • Recognize elements of common injuries

  • Recognize elements of common illnesses

  • Describe how to find information on preventing illness and injury

  • Recognize the legal questions that apply to first aid rescuers

  • *Child/Infant module is optional.

ASHI First Aid CPR AED Classroom Group

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