Tailored to meet the demanding needs of CPR emergencies and preferred by resuscitation professionals. 

Our all-in-one latex-free resuscitation kit includes:

  • Adult mask with one-way valve and oxygen inlet.
  • A separate infant mask with valve.
  • Belt loop and clip with zippered red nylon case.
  • Pair of niltrile gloves.
  • Dissenfecting wipes.


The collapsible, transparent adult mask features a one-way filter valve, pliable bladder to facilitate proper seal, and elastic head strap for hands-free operation.

Sized to fit more appropriately on the smaller face of an infant, the separate infant mask comes with its own valve and is constructed from the same quality transparent material as the adult mask, but is not collapsible.

A belt loop and clip on the zippered red nylon case keeps your barriers rescue ready while a pair of size large nitrile gloves, and instruction sheet.


CPR Pocket Resuscitator Mask

SKU: pocketmask
  • Return for full refund whithin 60 days from date of purchase. Product must be in original box unopened.

  • Free shipping within the continental U.S.

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