During these times as we stand together in an effort to contain this pandemic, we are continuously adapting to the ongoing changes we face, and understand its role in the workplace. 


 We have taken steps to reduce the risk of exposure and assure that our client's health and safety needs are met. 


Everyone's primary concern must be the health and safety of the students and instructors.


To that end we must not undermine the progress that has been made in stemming the spread of COVID-19.


We have an obligation to


We Are Here For You

  • Instructors are COVID-19 tested prior to trainings.

  • On-Site temperature checks.

  • Contact tracing reporting.

  • One manikin per participant.

  • Professional resuscitation masks with one-way valve (optional).

  • Gloves provided for skills practical.

Leaders In Health and Safety Training Since 2008

Pediatric First Aid


Daycare workers, Child caregivers, school teachers, coaches, and parents this class is for you.

Whether you need compliance for your daycare or school we got you covered!


Basic Life Support for Healthcare providers

Are you a medical professional? This is the course required for working in  environments such as hospitals, ems, nursing homes, adult living facilities, and for students before doing clinical practices. 


Summer Camp Adv. First Aid

Our complete State Approved Summer Camp course curriculum includes everything you need to care and manage emergencies. American Red Cross Certification in Advanced First and Basic Life Support. 

CPR in Schools

A requirement for most U.S. students before graduation, the hands-only CPR and AED training is completed in 1 hour.  

Want to check if your state is required?check your state on the map here.

Bloodborne Pathogens

Do you have a reasonable chance of coming into contact with any type of bloodborne pathogens? Such as dental offices, tattoo artist, substance abuse centers, pharmacies, health centers. 

Want To Be an Instructor?

Are you passionate about saving lives? Life Support Instructors enjoy working with different people everyday in different locations teaching essential life saving skills. You can empower individuals with the knowledge, confidence and tools to help save a life.




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